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Blueant Bluetooth Manual

MultiFunction. ButtonLight. Microphones. Charging. PortYou can wear your T1For best results:The T1 supports A2DP audio streaming: if your phone or. Bluetooth device supports the A2DP profile then you canThe audio will pause automatically if you make or receive aTo enhance your experience, we are continually improvingFrom time to time we will make feature enhancementsGo to to get the latest softwareProtective Skins. Vol -Your T1 has been given an initial partial charge to getVery Low.Your T1 is supplied with optional rubberUse your voice to make calls:Alternatively:Power switch (on)For subsequent pairings, make sure the T1 is notWhen you have 2 phones connected, you can always answerIf you initiate a call through the T1The T1 will go reset and go straight to pairing mode. You will now need to pair your phone with the T1 again.This guide is just to get you started with the T1. If youIf you don’t want to wait for the prompt, or youMFB for 3 seconds. During a call, click the MFB to end the call.Once the pairing is complete, your T1 will attempt to copyPlease wait for theTo use any of the voice commands, click the MFB, wait forSome phones do not support automatic phonebookNote: Whenever you add contacts to your phone in futureMFB for 1 second to initiate a phonebook update.If you are having problems with the T1, you can reset the T1When the phone rings, you can answer theAnswer or Ignore. Tip: The pairing code is 0000 (four zeros).Up to 2 phones can connect to the T1 at the same time. ToDepending on yourYou can also follow the links to register your T1 for access toPlease call us before returning the T1 to a store and we willIn North America call 1 866 891 3032.In other countries please see forBy using this product you are agreeing to BlueAnt’s termsWarning: All BlueAnt headsets are designed to reachProlonged use at highAll Rights Reserved.

InformationAll BlueAnt headsets are designed to reach volumes of up to 100Using for extensive time periodsDo not listen at high volumes. Remember that your ears will adaptBlueAnt Recommends That You:If you choose to use your Bluetooth device while driving,Be able to accessRemember that your primary responsibility is driving safely.Note that non-compliance, misuse or forcing the ear gel orSmart Practices While Driving. Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile devicesYour BlueAnt device lets you communicate by voice—almostWhen driving a car, driving is your firstBlueAntSafety-Canada.indd 1. Electromagnetic Interference. Nearly every electronic device is susceptible to electromagneticOperation is subject to the following two conditions:FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This deviceSee RSS-GEN 7.1.5. Care and Handling. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult yourEuropean Union Directives Conformance. Statement. Your BlueAnt Bluetooth device is a precision engineeredYour doctor or physician may be ableHereby, BlueAnt declares that this product is in compliance with. BlueAnt recommends that you take the following precautions.BlueAnt device. If no authorized person is available or youIf you see a broken-downIf you haveUse of non approved accessories will void your device’s warranty. For a list of approved BlueAnt accessories, visit our website at:Any use of a mobile device must beChoking Hazard. Your BlueAnt headset will come with ear gels or foam tips that areThe use of accessories not approved by BlueAnt, including butBlueAnt device to malfunction or in the case of non-approvedThis equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits setEnd users must followAlways place it in your car gloveUsing Ear Gels.

Approved AccessoriesSimilar to a mobile phone, your BlueAnt device is a low powerThese facilities may includeShould you experience any discomfort after using the product,If the problem persists, contact theYour BlueAnt device, its packaging, and package contents mayPlease ensure that the device and any associated componentsDo not place the product on the floor or leave it in a place whereBlueAnt for advice on how to proceed. Do not attempt to repairIf your device becomes dirty orWhile batteryIf you notice anyIndustry Canada Notice to Users. Caring for the Environment by RecyclingFCC Notice To UsersYou are cautioned that changes orIf your mobile device or accessory has a USB connector, or isThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with theFCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonableIf this equipment doesThis symbol on a BlueAnt product or its literature indicates that itHousehold users should contact either the retailer whereBusiness users should contactRecycling Bluetooth Accessories. Do not dispose of Bluetooth accessories, such as chargers orIn some countries orGlobal Warranty. Unauthorized service or modification of BlueAnt Products. Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment,Altered or modified Products: Products with:Pty Ltd (“BlueAnt”) warrants to the first consumer purchaserThe first consumer purchaser agrees that there have beenBlueAnt relating to the Products and becoming part of the basisLimited Warranty are for purposes of reference only, and there isStates of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or otherWarranty. Length of Coverage. Two (2) years from the date of purchase by the first consumerExclusions.

Normal wear and tear: Periodic maintenance, repair andAbuse and misuse: Defects or damage that result from:Products to abnormal usage or conditions; orUse of non-branded or non-certified BlueAnt Products: DefectsUse with genuine OEM supplied equipment: BlueAnt ProductsManufacturer (OEM) supplied mobile phones and accessoriesBlueAnt Products are expresslyBlueAntWarranty-USA.indd 1Communication devices: Defects, damages, or the failure of. Products due to any communication service, device or signalWho is Covered? This Limited Warranty extends only to the first consumerWhat Will BlueAnt Do? Consumers who believe their BlueAnt Products are faulty shouldProducts will be confirmed to be faulty by BlueAnt, in its soleLimited Warranty, BlueAnt will, at its option, repair or replaceThis shall beBlueAnt reserves the right to useHow to Obtain Warranty Service or Other. Information. In order for you to obtain performance under this Limited. Warranty, you must contact one of BlueAnt’s authorized customerYou will receive instructions on how to ship the Products to a. BlueAnt authorized customer service center. You will be liable forTo obtain service, you must include. Authorized Customer Service Center;No returns will be accepted without an appropriately completed. RA form. What Other Limitations Are There?No other use, includingWarranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also haveThe consumer acknowledges and agrees that he or she hasProduct which is available at, priorExport Law Assurances. This Product is controlled under the export regulations of the. United States of America, Australia and Canada. The GovernmentsCanadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Product Registration. Product registration is an important step toward enjoying yourPlease retain your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your BlueAnt Product you will need toTrademarks and Patents.

BlueAnt and other trademarks are trademarks of BlueAntThe BlueAnt logo isMadrid protocol. The Bluetooth word, mark, and logos are owned by the Bluetooth. SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by BlueAnt is under license. The names of other companies, products and services are theBlueAnt reserves its rights absolutely on any and all of its patentsSeverability. If any clause or provision of this Limited Warranty is negatedWarning. All BlueAnt headsets are designed to reach volumes of up to 100Thank you for choosing a BlueAnt product. The consumer further acknowledges and agrees that he or sheProduct. The consumer acknowledges and agrees to all terms stated withinThe first consumer purchaser acknowledges and agrees that he orLaws in the United States of America and other countriesBlueAnt software such as the exclusive rights to reproduce andBlueAnt software mayBlueAnt Wireless Pty Ltd (“BlueAnt”) garantiza al compradorEl comprador consumidor original reconoce que BlueAnt no haProductos se ajustan a la descripcion.Australia, Nueva Zelanda u otros territorios o paises en los que seDuracion de la cobertura. Dos (2) anos a partir de la fecha de compra por parte delExclusiones. Desgaste natural: Se excluyen de la cobertura el mantenimientoAbuso y uso inadecuado: Los defectos o danos que resulten de:Productos alterados o modificados: Productos con:BlueAntDispositivos de comunicacion: Quedan excluidos de la coberturaLa presente Garantia Limitada se extiende solamente alLos consumidores que consideren que sus Productos BlueAnt sonBlueAnt se reserva el derecho de utilizar Productos, accesoriosPara evitar laComo obtener Servicio de garantia u otraPara obtener servicio en virtud de la presente Garantia Limitada,Recibira instrucciones sobre como enviar los productos a unProductos al centro autorizado de servicio al cliente de BlueAnt. Uso de Productos sin marca o no certificados por BlueAnt: LosUtilizacion con equipo genuino suministrado por el OEM: Los.

Productos BlueAnt tienen garantia para funcionar exclusivamenteManufacturer, OEM), de la manera en que fueron fabricadosServicios o modificaciones no autorizados de Productos. BlueAnt: Los danos o defectos que resulten del servicio, laBlueAntWarranty-USA.indd 2. Para obtener el servicio debe incluir. RA) expedido por un Centro autorizado de servicio al clienteNo se aceptaran productos que no tengan el formulario deEsta garantia le brindaEl consumidor reconoce y acepta que ha leido, o ha elegidoAdemas, el consumidor reconoce y acepta que ha leido, o haEl consumidor reconoce y acepta todos los terminos establecidosEl comprador consumidor originalLas leyes de los Estados Unidos de America y otros paisesEl software de BlueAnt solo se puede copiar y utilizar en los. Productos relacionados con el software de BlueAnt, y solo puedeNo se permite ningun otro uso delGarantias respecto de las leyes de exportacion. Este producto esta controlado en virtud de las regulaciones deLos gobiernos de los Estados Unidos de America, Australia y. Canada pueden restringir la exportacion o reexportacion de este. Producto a ciertos destinos. Para obtener mas informacion,Departamento de Aduana de Australia o el Ministerio de Asuntos. Exteriores y Comercio Internacional de Canada. Registro del Producto. El registro del Producto es un paso importante para disfrutarEl registro nos ayuda a facilitarMarcas registradas y patentes. BlueAnt y otras marcas registradas son marcas registradasEl logotipoRegistradas en los EE. UU. y a nivel mundial en la Organizacion. Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual segun el protocolo de Madrid. La palabra Bluetooth, la marca y los logotipos son propiedad de. Bluetooth SIG, Inc. y cualquier uso de dichas marcas por parte de. BlueAnt se realiza bajo licencia. Los nombres de otras companias, productos y servicios sonBlueAnt se reserva sus derechos sobre todas y cada una de susDivisibilidad. Si cualquier clausula o disposicion de esta Garantia LimitadaAdvertencia.

Todos los auriculares de BlueAnt estan disenados paraEl uso prolongadoGracias por elegir un producto BlueAnt.PDF Version: 1.4. Linearized: No. Creator Tool: Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.4). Thumbnail Format: JPEG. Thumbnail Width: 256. Thumbnail Height: 256. Thumbnail Image: (Binary data 18582 bytes, use -b option to extract). Instance ID: uuid:0b839146-b9da-4a4f-8be0-306fbc534050. Document ID: xmp.did:B04C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C. Original Document ID: xmp.did:B04C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C. Rendition Class: proof:pdf. History Action: created, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved. History Instance ID: xmp.iid:B04C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C, xmp.iid:B14C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C, xmp.iid:B24C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C, xmp.iid:B34C34C2BC2FDF118A95D4EA17832D7C, xmp.iid:1479A4956B31DF11B7D28EC0C5A802BA, xmp.iid:280014437831DF11B7D28EC0C5A802BA. History Software Agent: Adobe InDesign 6.0, Adobe InDesign 6.0, Adobe InDesign 6.0, Adobe InDesign 6.0, Adobe InDesign 6.0, Adobe InDesign 6.0. Doc Change Count: 1. Producer: Adobe PDF Library 9.0. Trapped: False. Page Count: 4. Creator: Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.4). The BlueAnt Z9 Dual Microphone portable mono headset utilizes Bluetooth WirelessWinner of the prestigious CES Design and Engineering award,Noise Reduction for Bluetooth headsets. There are two settings of Voice Isolation - STANDARD and MAX. Voice Isolation Standard is for use in normal environments and gives you a naturalVoice Isolation Max gives you superior voice clarity in a wide variety of high noise areas.Two microphones for pure speech. Processor (DSP) software. Standard and Max. This world class DSP provides echo suppression, noise reduction and windDifferent ringtones for known and unknown contacts. Innovative tie clip for attaching to shirt or cuff, when not in use. Stylish, translucent ear hook. Up to 5.5 hrs talk-time or 200 hrs standbyBluetooth v2.0Bluetooth is the most advanced cable-replacement technology available today.

It enablesWhat devices work with the Z9 Dual Microphone? Your headset is a Bluetooth V2.0 qualified product and supports both the Headset and. Handsfree Bluetooth profiles. The Z9 can store information and wirelessly interact with up toThis manual focuses on how to useWhat’s in the Package?Before you can use your headset, you must do the following two things:Charging. Your Z9 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. For first time use, you must fully chargeWhen the battery is fullyIt takes 120-150 minutes to fully charge the battery. TheYour headset willMake sure the USB plug matches up to the USB socket on the headset. Do not force theThe Red LED will turn ON.Remove the chargingCharging the Z9 with the Wall ChargerMake sure the USB plug matches up to the USB socket on the headset. Do not force theThe Red LED will turn ON.Remove the chargingPush the ear hook through the ear hook hole which sits onFor optimal performance of the Z9Before use, you must pair the headset with your cell phone. Pairing will create a storedPairing need only be done once,The Z9 can store pairing information for up to three (3)If you wish to pair another different device once 3 devices arePairing Procedure. This is an example only and may differ from your phone, but the process will be the same.Bring the mobile phone to about 30cm from the Z9 Dual Microphone. Find the Bluetooth menu in your mobile phone. Turn Bluetooth ON. (Check your mobileWith the Z9 OFF, Press and Hold the MFBThe Z9 is now in Pairing mode and ready to bePairing mode will be active for 2 minutes.Scroll to it andThe phone and Z9 will now Pair. An additional security setting in your phone may be needed to allow the headset andIf required for first time connection, select the BlueAnt Z9 to connect with your phone. OR, Press the MFBIf the battery isAfter powering ON, your headset will automaticallyIf no phone has yet been Paired,If no Paired phone is in range, the Z9 will enter Idle mode.

The Z9 will stay in pairing mode for 2 minutes then will go into idleAudio will automatically transferButton for about 3 seconds. To cancel. Redial, click the MFBOr with the Z9. ON simply press the MFBPress and Hold VolumeThe current call willTo return to the held call, Click. VolumeVolume for 3 secondsAfter turning theNote the LED’sIf you want to pair with another phone you must reset the headset. To reset the Z9 to factory settings; while in idle mode (not connected to any device), Click. Volume, VolumeThe Z9 will refresh its memory,Blue) ready to pair with a new device. The Bluetooth Headset profile will not activate these features of the BlueAnt Z9. You can switch between two settings of Voice Isolation - STANDARD and MAX. Voice Isolation Standard -. For use in normal everyday environments and gives you aVoice Isolation Max -. Gives you more intelligible voice in a wide variety of highWhen switching between Standard and Max you will hear a confirmation voice tagWhen you first turn the headset ON, it will be in the Standard setting. After switching the headset OFF and back ON, the headset will return to the. Standard setting by default. Standard and Max both use the same amount of battery power.Matrix. Note. Standby ModeIdle ModeMultipleZ9 Function. Button. Power ON. Power OFF. Enter Pairing Mode. Connect to Device 1. Connect to Device 2. Connect to Device 3. Answer Call. End Call. Reject Call. Redial Last NumberVol. Call Conference. Call Waiting. Vol. Volume Up. Volume Down. Mute. Switch Voice IsolationReset DeviceStatusOne Click. Two Clicks. Three Clicks. ClickFrom OFF. From ON. From OFF. Idle. Ringing. Active Call. Standby. Click. ConnectedActive Call. ClickActive Call. IdlePower ON. Pairing Mode. Reset. Charging with Power ON. Charging Complete. Low Battery. Ongoing call. Solid Blue for 5 Seconds. Red flash 3 times. Blue flashing. Solid Red. Solid Red with a Purple Flash. Red indicator OFF. All LED’s change to Red.

Blue flash every 8 secondsNO LED’sUsing your headset with multiple Bluetooth devices. The Z9 will connect to only one device at a time but 3 devices can be paired to it.On-the-Fly Phone Switching. After pairing a 2nd or 3rd mobile, Smartphone, PDA or computer as per the pairing procedure,Selecting the required mobile phoneOnce for the first paired phone. Twice for the second paired phone. Three times for the third paired phone. Note: Be sure to remember in what order the 3 devices have been paired.The BlueAnt Z9 is firmware upgradeable via the USB port and provided USB cable. Please see the support section at for information and downloadsFurther Information. Setting up a Phone Profile (different to Bluetooth Profiles). In your phone, set up a Profile with appropriate ringing volumes and keypad tones and selectSome phones can automatically activate a desiredWith some phones youTypical phone Profiles are General. Outdoor, Meeting, Silent, Handsfree, Headset, Portable handsfree and Carkit. Please make sure you have the latest firmware upgrade for your Phone especially if you areMany new mobile phones, PDA’s and computer phones require a. Bluetooth patch to improve Bluetooth functionality from the original released version. Phones and PDA’s can become prone to software and memory issues which may cause. Bluetooth reconnection problems. This can be fixed simply by turning the phone OFF andResetting your phone weekly can help maintain it’s functionality including Bluetooth. Troubleshooting and Support Documents. See the support section of for troubleshooting and Frequently. Asked Questions (FAQ) as well as info on using with computers for VOIP application\s.General. Specification. RF Spec. User Interface. Audio. Battery type. Talk Time. Stand-By time. Weight. DimensionsPDF Version: 1.6. Encryption: Standard V2.3 (128-bit). User Access: Print. XMP Toolkit: 3.1-701. About: 658a7cb5-35a6-11dc-0000-a017c7c86828.

Producer: AFPL Ghostscript 8.54. Creator Tool: PDFCreator Version 0.9.2. Document ID: 658a7cb5-35a6-11dc-0000-a017c7c86828. Instance ID: uuid:a6fa9cac-8240-4fab-a6d4-3be7e682b3f0. Title: BlueAnt Z9 User Guide revised by JOy 0716. Creator: Joy. Page Count: 25. Author: Joy. Introduction 6Switching the Q2 On and Off 7. Pair the Q2 with your. Page 4 Transferring your Phonebook Contacts to the Q2 16Page 5 BlackBerry 25Resetting the Q2 31. Speci?cations 32. Help and Support 32. Terms. Page 6 Multi-FunctionMicrophones. Page 7 Charge Your Q2. Your Q2 has been given an initial partial charge to get you started, but for best results. Page 8 Pair the Q2 with your PhoneIf you are using a BlackBerry smartphone you may see a messagePage 11 Use Your Voice to Control the Q2. The Q2 is voice controlled. Simply click the MFB and wait for the. Page 12 Use Your Voice to Make Phone CallsPage 13 Use Your Voice to Access the World. Your Q2 provides you with voice access to the world by giving you. Page 14 List of Voice CommandsPage 16 Transferring your Phonebook Contacts to the Q2Page 18 Listening to AudioIf your phone supports the A2DP pro?le thenTo enhance your experience, we are continually upgrading the Q2 ?rmware.Page 22 Q2 Function Do This WhenPage 23 Q2 Function Do This WhenPage 25 you should go to the “Settings” menu on your phone, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”Page 26 TroubleshootingThe exact setting to change depends on your phone. Page 28 The Q2 Reads Out the Wrong NamePage 29 My Phone Prompts me for a Code when I Pair the Q2. Enter the code 0000 (four zeros).If you. Page 32 Speci?cations. Page 33 Terms and Conditions. By using this product, you are agreeing to BlueAnt’s terms and conditions, available at. How to Make Your Bluetooth Headset Work for Windows XP How to Transfer Audio Files From an iPhone BlueAnt offers several Bluetooth headset models, including the T1 Rugged, the V1 Voice Controlled and the Q2 Platinum.

BlueAnt's Bluetooth headsets allow you to use your cell phone as a hands-free device, making it safer and more convenient to talk on the phone while walking or driving. The first time you use your BlueAnt headset, you need to pair, or sync, the device to your cellphone. If this headset was never used before, it immediately enters pairing mode. The headset enters pairing mode and waits for you to sync your cell phone. 4 Locate the Bluetooth menu on your cell phone. Tips Some BlueAnt headsets may not accept voice commands. This activates pairing mode. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone when not using the BlueAnt headset. Bluetooth drains your phone's battery if you leave it on. She is also the owner and operator of Howbert Freelance Writing. King holds an Associate of Arts in communications from Tarrant County College. Related How to Turn on Pairing Mode on a Bose Bluetooth Headset How to Use a Bluetooth Headset With Skype How to Remove a DOT4 Printer Port How to Connect to a Mediacom Router How to Set up Bluetooth Headsets With IPhones Activating Wireless on a Laptop Most Popular How to Use Sprint Overdrive With a Printer How Do I Update My iPad Using a PC. Please click here to download the T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset manual. Did you find this article View and Download Blueant X5i user manual online. BlueAnt Wireless Bluetooth Headset User Manual. X5i Headsets pdf manual download. Bluetooth headset for smartphone users. With the Q2 you can make See “Manually Transferring your Phonebook Contacts to the Q2” on page 14 for help. Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset manual. Please click here to download the Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset manual. Read Article (Please refer to your phone's user manual for further instructions). 4. Once the Bluetooth discovery is complete, please select the BlueAnt ST 3 from the list of 18 Jul 2014 Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset manual. Did you find this article helpful.

ENDURE Rugged Bluetooth Earpiece T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset For other BlueAnt products, please see the list of manuals available for old products. Current Products. Please click here to access manuals for current BlueAnt products. Form 789, Martial arts red belt form, Mage guide maplestory, Tree climbers guide, Cto functional statement. Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. To solve this problem, reset the BlueAnt, and then re-pair it to your phone. This clears the old pairing data and enables you to link the device to more phones. Explore this article Turn on the BlueAnt device 1 Turn on the BlueAnt device Turn on the BlueAnt device, but do not connect it to any nearby devices. Access the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Disconnect the Bluetooth link from your phone, and then delete the saved paring information. The exact procedure for this step varies depending on your phone. Reset the BlueAnt device. The volume buttons are located on the side of the BlueAnt, while the Multi-Function button is on the front. The BlueAnt resets and clears the existing pairing list. Pair the BlueAnt device with your phone. Place the BlueAnt in your ear, and then listen for spoken instructions about how to complete the pairing process.He has lived in several different states and countries, and currently writes while exploring different parts of the world. Aries specializes in technical subjects. He attended Florida State University. Feedback Related Articles How to Master Reset a Sony Ericsson R800X How to Reset Your Kyocera Rise How to Take a Screenshot on the LG Marquee How to Tell How Many People Are on Your Wi-Fi How to Set Up a Netgear Wi-Fi Adapter How to Connect to Wi-Fi on an iPad Manually What Does the Symbol to the Left of My Battery Bar. How to Turn Off Email Notifications on My Droid What Does the Circle on My iPhone Mean.

Disabling GPRS on an iPhone and Leaving the Wi-Fi On How to Unlock an LG Cricket Without a Google Account How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to a ThinkPad Tablet How to Do a Manual Factory Data Reset on a Flytouch. How to Bypass a Password for a Droid X IPhone Screen Still Not Working After Reset How to Find the Owner's Name of a Cell Phone for Free How to Fix an HTC One X Boot Loop How to Transfer Contacts From a Phone to a Mac Via. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. It is designed for easy hands- free operation and superior performance. This will be the case until you have successfully paired a phone. The kit is now ready to use. Repeat steps 1 -7 above for each new phone you want to use with the Supertooth Light. The SUPERTOOTH LIGHT must be placed in such way that its microphone is directed to the mouth of the user. Each additional pairing after 5 phones, will automatically delete the phone that has not been used for the longest time. Up to 10 meters Frequency:. 2.4 GHz Talk Time:. Up to 15 hours Stand-by time:. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Button (the Bluetooth symbol) Indicator There is no need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road to use the S4. You can make outgoing calls aPlease remove it before using your S4.The voice prompts will start to talk you through the pairing process and the light will ? ash blue. For subsequent pairings, say BlueAnt Speak To Me, wait for the S4 to ask you to Say A Command and then say Pair Me. 3.

Follow the voice prompts to pair the S4 with YES Select “Don’t ask this again” so that a tick appears in the box, and then choose “YES”.In order to transfer your contacts you must swipe your.Your S4 is supplied with a choice of visor clips so you can select the most appropriate one for your vehicle. 2. Attach the magnetic back of the S4 to the.Please refer to the relevant national or local legislation regarding the usage of mobile devices while driving. Remember that driving is your.Simply say the trigger phrase BlueAnt Speak To Me and the S4 will be ready to receive your voice commands. 1 2 Handsfree BlueAnt Trigger Speak To Me Say A Indicator Command B l u e A n t B l u e A n t When the S4 asks you to Say A Command, immediately say one of the voice commands loudly and clearly. Note: The handsfree trigger only works when the green handsfree trigger indicator light on the front of the device iIf you want your S4 to run for longer between charges, slide the power switch to the OFF ON middle position to activate “battery saving mode”. In this mode the S4 only listens for 2 minutes after the last action. Once the 2 minutes are up, the green indicator light goes out and the S4 stops listening. To re-activate the S4, tap the symbol instead If you take your phone out of range of the S4 for more than 2 minutes, the handsfree trigger switches off and “sleep mode” is activated. When you come back, you must tap the symbol to reconnect your phone and reactivate the trigger. Alternatively, use the power switch to turn the S4 off when you get out of the car and then turn it back on again when you come back. The S4 will then automatically reTo do this, the S4 needs to store a copy of your phonebook contacts. Automatically Transferring your Phonebook Contacts to the S4 When you pair your phone with the S4 it will attempt to transfer the phonebook contacts automatically. The S4 stores up to 2,000 contacts per phone.